Alright dammit—it's time! Well, it's been a long, long, long, long freakin' time since I put the initial page on my first ever blog. And I can't guarantee a "gol dern" thang. I'm a procrastinator, as a matter of fact I'm supposed to be doing a bit of classwork as we speak.

This is the 3rd semester I have spent "teaching". There's a story in those quotation marks but I'll keep it brief: I initially started while I was working with Johnny Bacardi (http://johnnybacardi.blogspot.com) at Camping World... from whose axis we quickly spinned out of oblivion (WHAT!?). Anyway, I wanted meaning in my job. One thing I think a lot of graphic designers (yup that's me) won't tell the population about their glamourous jobs is that inadvertantly your work winds up in file 13, the rubbish pail, gobbage.

So, I sought meaning. What did I get? Well... I got a little meaning, a lot annoyed and by the third semester a little better. Though I can't say for sure if I'll do it next semester. I'm just NOT a teacher. Although it is fun being called Professor... some think it's cool to be able to say "My syllabus" but it's not... especially when you don't follow it yourself.

I sense some ire out there. Perhaps it's a few pissed off students. Well, sue me. They hired me because I AM (I deleted the was) a professional graphic designer and I knew (KNOW) the programs. That's what they got... so there. Beyond all of that procrastination— I hold another part-time gig ('cause I really needed to fill some time while I was avoiding permanent work) and I do some freelance and well, to be honest... I don't know a damned thing about blogging!

But I hope to get better. I'd like to do neat things like show the community of cyber nomads my interests, share some chatter and build a few friendships. Hell, why not!?

So, if you're a first time blogger or a jaded blogster who's just in this one for kicks. Drop me a line, offer advice I didn't ask for but for god's sake... keep the expectations to a minimum. Cheers!


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