Just trying to add my pals link to the site... see?

Good morning all! I hope today's a good one for you. As for myself... I'm plodding through work just like the rest of ya. The exception today is I put you first! Of course, you could also look at it as just another clever ruse (sp?) to get out of doing something else. And... it's too early for that. I've tons to do. Why would I?!

Anywho, nothing much to report. I've been working on our company website. It's all new to me but it's good to learn new skills! My birthday is just a couple of days away. I've already gotten one of my gifts (that sounds greedy). It's a book about typography called About Face. Makes me feel good to get books for my birthday...there's that assumption that you're a reader when you get 'em.

I am a reader. But as is my habit I compare my habits (etc.) to those of others. I wish I read more. Just finished the trilogy+1 of the Tripods series. Here in the states it was a little known sci-fi series from England. When my brother and I were kids we sat in front of KET (local public television) and watched a few episodes of it. I never got into sci-fi but it was cool and a nice bonding experience.

So for his birthday, I bought the series (I read them first though). Of course he wound up temporarily crippling himself... leaping buildings with a single bound. So he got half of them before the birthday (this Oct.). The other two are forthcoming.

Well, I really ought to get to work. With more time and vision, maybe I'll turn this blog into something?



Hello out there!
Well, as is my habit I am writing to you while avoiding something else. It's not that I don't value my readers attention, it's not that I haven't anything to say.... So far, it seems I'm just in it for the procrastination!

Terrible, I know. Anyway... phone call...well I've got 10 min. before the ride gets here. One vehicle livin' — can be tough.

I'll be 34 in a matter of days. And I'm not dreading it per se... but I'm categorizing all of those "milestones"... and it seems I've not gotten half as far as I would have. I guess that means I'm young at heart?

On my mind of late... briefly:(and not in order)
Gonna' have a 10 year anniversary in a month
Gotta lose weight
This job's a drag
I'm hungry
My stomach hurts
NO, I'm not starving myself. O.k. I'm rambling and it's damned boring rambling too.

I have a confession... perhaps it will make things interesting? Whilst I was ignoring the mountain of work I have before me (YES I'm in on a Saturday!) I decided to tiptoe through google and see if I couldn't find "The first kiss guy". Well, I'm not sure if it's him. But if it is he's a damned successful artist now: Ian Alexander Christy... but he wasn't Asian. SO, I'm not sure if it's the guy.

Anyway, I guess these are the things some people do when their minds are many miles away... (in a dark Scottish Loch)... hee hee. Please comment... it's a new thing.


Alright dammit—it's time! Well, it's been a long, long, long, long freakin' time since I put the initial page on my first ever blog. And I can't guarantee a "gol dern" thang. I'm a procrastinator, as a matter of fact I'm supposed to be doing a bit of classwork as we speak.

This is the 3rd semester I have spent "teaching". There's a story in those quotation marks but I'll keep it brief: I initially started while I was working with Johnny Bacardi (http://johnnybacardi.blogspot.com) at Camping World... from whose axis we quickly spinned out of oblivion (WHAT!?). Anyway, I wanted meaning in my job. One thing I think a lot of graphic designers (yup that's me) won't tell the population about their glamourous jobs is that inadvertantly your work winds up in file 13, the rubbish pail, gobbage.

So, I sought meaning. What did I get? Well... I got a little meaning, a lot annoyed and by the third semester a little better. Though I can't say for sure if I'll do it next semester. I'm just NOT a teacher. Although it is fun being called Professor... some think it's cool to be able to say "My syllabus" but it's not... especially when you don't follow it yourself.

I sense some ire out there. Perhaps it's a few pissed off students. Well, sue me. They hired me because I AM (I deleted the was) a professional graphic designer and I knew (KNOW) the programs. That's what they got... so there. Beyond all of that procrastination— I hold another part-time gig ('cause I really needed to fill some time while I was avoiding permanent work) and I do some freelance and well, to be honest... I don't know a damned thing about blogging!

But I hope to get better. I'd like to do neat things like show the community of cyber nomads my interests, share some chatter and build a few friendships. Hell, why not!?

So, if you're a first time blogger or a jaded blogster who's just in this one for kicks. Drop me a line, offer advice I didn't ask for but for god's sake... keep the expectations to a minimum. Cheers!


Welcome to liltruthie's!